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Adding Context Menu Item for Windows Terminal To File Explorer

The new Windows terminal is a huge improvement over the traditional Command Prompt and Powershell. In this post I'll explain how to create a context menu shortcut 'Open Terminal Here' which appears when you right click in File Explorer. For this we will be editing the system registry so make sure you follow these steps exactly as accidently changing something in the registry can have serious consequences.

I will assume you have installed the latest preview version of Windows Terminal from the Windows Store.

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What is Homomorphic Encryption?

Homomorphic Encryption is a promising cryptographic technique for keeping data private. In this post I give a short a simple summary of Homomorphic Encryption including a clear definition with an example use case in cloud computing.

Google Apps Script - Introduction With Some Tips and Tricks

Google Apps Script allows you to write and deploy code scripts through Google Drive. These scripts (written in JavaScript) run server-side and have full access to Google's APIs. This means you can use them to automate all sorts of things, from sending emails to editing spreadsheets.

I've added some examples I use regularly to this repository on GitHub.

Best Packages for Sublime Text 3 (Excluding Themes)

Sublime Text 3 is pretty good out-of-the-box but reaches a whole new level when you install some of the great packages on offer.

Below I'll list my favourite packages for Sublime Text. These are all packages which will enhance your productivity across all languages, so no themes or language-specific packages will be listed here.

Add Code to Google Blogger

This blog is built using Google Blogger. In my previous post I indcluded code snippets. Here I'll explain how I got those working.

Generating a MSI Installer for a WPF Application

This post serves as a tutorial for creating a MSI installer for your WPF Applications in Visual Studio. For this we use WiX (recommended by Microsoft).

Prerequisites I assume you already have a Visual Studio solution containing a WPF Project. And I assume you have some experience with Visual Studio and XML. You do not need any prior knowledge of WiX.
Step 1: Install Wix We are going to need WiX to generate our MSI.

If you don't already have Wix installed, go ahead and download it from here. You'll be redirected to the relevant GitHub releases page where you can download the .exe file to install WiX.

Email Aliases Free with your Domain - Avoiding the costs of Private Email Accounts!

Throughout this article, I'll use Google Domains as an example registrar. However, this may also work with other registrars like Namecheap.

 For anyone who hasn't heard of Google Domains, it was released in 2015, isn't normally the cheapest domain registrar. But, it has gained a reputation for being transparent and reliable with crystal clear costs. I purchased on Google Domains last year. It costs me just £10 a year to renew. Yes, I might have been able to save a few £s with Namecheap or Godaddy, but in the long run the renewal costs are pretty much the same.

Google Domains comes with some interesting benefits. "Privacy guard" protection is provided with all domains and it has great Google Blogger and Google Sites integration with easy to edit DNS. But, the benefit I appreciate the most is email forwarding and 30 free alias'.

I have a few different sites for different purposes, which are subdomains of So the question I'll answer …