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I am a University Student in the UK. To different people I am known as a ... Software Engineer / Entrepreneur / Mathematician / Cryptographer / Blogger / Tutor / Inventor / Unity Asset Store Publisher / inactive YouTuber.

I've worked at one of the 'big four' tech companies; with cyber security research groups; and with several startups. I've taught undergrads and lead small teams.

To put it simply: by day I'm an academic; by night I'm a programmer.

I am a huge fan of full stack .NET development and I enjoy building web services. One area of interest is Blazor WebAssembly which I have been following since the beginning. I also enjoy working in Go, PHP and Angular. I've worked on a range of projects from mobile apps to token exchanges and from REST APIs to Windows productivity tools.

From an academic perspective I'm interested in Quantum Computing and areas of Cryptography such as Zero Knowledge, Secure Multiparty Computation, and Homorphic Encryption. And I have many interests in Discrete Mathematics including Graph Theory and Combinatorics.

I occassionaly post more academic content here on my blog, but most of the posts are programming related. I'm open to freelance work and I'm happy to chat to anyone with overlapping interests. Feel free to contact me.

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