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Curl It - Free online HTTP Request Testing Tool

A few years ago while testing deployed RESTful API endpoints, I used an online tool called However, the tool was taken down as the developers behind it were promoting their new tool Insomnia. Insomnia is a desktop REST Client, similar to Postman. This left me without a trustworthy web-based HTTP Client, so I decided to create my own.

Last year I published a tool called 'Curl It'. It's a very basic PHP site which sends GET/POST requests. It was intended as a small experience-building weekend project but it is available online for you to use (free, no ads). You can find it here.

The tool is open source and open to contributions, you can find it on GitHub here.

I'm currently working on creating a complete desktop HTTP Client similar to Insomnia and Postman, but using WPF to create a native Windows application. This has many performance benefits over Insomnia and Postman (which are both Electron based). I aim to release it early next year so stay tuned!


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