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Android Emulator crashes at IPhone resolution? Coincidence?

The screen resolution of the IPhone XS is 2436x1125 pixels. And it has a 5.8 inch display.

When I'm developing android apps, I use Android emulators to test them. They are also quite fun to play around with when you are bored.

More specifically, I use Android Studio's emulators. Android Studio is developed by Google and is the main route to go down for developing Android apps. You can create and manage emulators using its built-in 'AVD Manager'.

You can download from a selection of different emulators with different Android OS versions each emulating different hardware.

You can also change the resolution from a list of presets. Or add your own display settings.

Now on to the fun stuff:

Recently a friend told me he was trying to change Android emulator resolutions to test his app at IPhone screen resolutions, because he didn't have an IPhone himself. [ I'm aware Android emulators are not a good subsitute for iOS emulators, but the point I'm trying to make is ... ]

When he added these custom display resolutions, the emulator always crashed when it started up.

... ?

So I decided to investigate and I was able to reproduce the problem when using the IPhone XS screen resolutions. But, when I used any other screen resolutions, even literally 1 pixel added to the width, the emulator worked perfectly.

That seemed weird.

The only resolution Google's technology refused to work with just happened to be used by one of Apple's devices.

To this date I am yet to find an explaination. If I find one, I'll post it here.

Does this seem like a coincidence? I really have no idea.

Perhaps it's meant to be a joke by Google. Or maybe there is a genuine reason like copyright issues.

If you are reading this and know the answer please comment below.


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